In the face of climate change and the energy crisis, public authorities need effective tools to act within the framework of the commitments made by France during the Paris Climate Agreement, following negotiations at the 2015 Paris Conference on Climate Change (COP 21).

The whole issue for local authorities is to know the state of the insulation of the real estate heritage of their territory, in order to know the level of energy efficiency. This diagnosis also involves raising awareness among the general public and implementing an evaluation policy and means of communication to help create a genuine eco-citizen awareness. We offer total coverage of towns and communities in 1 to 5 nights of overflight.

With a view to better controlling energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, aerial thermography operations measure the level of thermal loss of roofs in any residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings building to raise awareness, companies, public and private contractors, on thermal insulation issues.

We offer total coverage of towns and communities in 1 to 5 nights of overflight.

Several tens of thousands of homes are thus covered during each operation, by our twin-engine planes approved and authorized by the Civil Aviation and by the prefectures to fly over the cities in perfect safety.

This economy of scale makes it possible to make infrared aerial thermographies at a very low cost (10 to 50 times cheaper than by drones). Given the quality and precision of the cooled thermo-sensors we use and their associated systems, these can only be integrated in twin-engine planes, only aircraft authorized to fly over urban areas by night.

We support businesses and communities in:

  • the establishment of their geographic information system.
  • the selection and acquisition of spatial data.
  • The establishment of mappings.
  • Image processing / remote detection.
  • Digitalization/topographic account.

  • ACTION AIR ENVIRONNEMENT provides its clients with its design office, its skills and its know-how in terms of:

  • Image processing,
  • remote detection digitalization,
  • relevé topographique.