Action Air Environnement has and implements its own very high-tech sensors specializing in environmental data acquisition and natural resource mapping (hydrogeology, mining, subsurface knowledge).

We have specialized several aircraft equipped with quantum and hyperspectral thermo-sensor for aerial thermography of cities and modelling for Smart cities.
We develop systems merging data from different sensors to detect, analyse and model marine pollution, biological resources and marine biodiversity.


  • Thermo-infrared sensors cooled and uncooled.
  • Hyperspectral line complete with DAS, IMU, server.
  • 2 gamma ray spectrometric lines with hardened computers, DAS; GPS real-time data transmission.
  • 2 high sensitivity geophysical aeromagnetic equipment (- 1 nT).
  • Sensors TDEM.
  • Cameras RGB
  • A.I.S marine
  • Satellite data transmission

  • EQUIPMENT: High tech sensors.

  • Magnetism and magnetic gradiometry
  • Time domain Electromagnetism
  • Hyperspectral Sensor
  • Infrared Thermal cooled Camera MWIR
  • Infrared Thermal cooled camera LWIR
  • Infrared Thermal Bolometer Camera
  • RGB Camera
  • Gamma ray spectrometry
  • Infra red spectrometry and thermal detection
  • Hyperspectral acquisition
  • A.I.S
  • Iridium Sat Transmission
  • Marine radar